The Andaman Archipelago has over 570 islands out of which only 36 are inhabited. Andaman Island tourism offers varied kinds of experiences for travelers on a visit to the islands. Please note that tourism is open only in the Andaman Islands and is closed for the Nicobar Islands. Nicobar Island entirely falls under the tribal restricted area and travelers are to visit Nicobar without valid and permissible reasons. Even the Andaman Islanders cannot go to the Nicobar Islands without government orders. The government employees are posted in Nicobar which is the only way they can see Nicobar in their lifetime.

However, lately, discussions are underway were some parts of Nicobar to be open for tourism purposes as well. Let’s see over time if anything positive comes out from Nicobar tourism as well. We will discuss the Nicobar Islands separately.

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